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3:00 pm Nevada County Progressive Allian...
Nevada County Progressive Allian...
Aug 3 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Meeting time for the Nevada County Progressive Alliance falls on the 1st Monday of each month.
5:00 pm Grass Valley Police – National N...
Grass Valley Police – National N...
Aug 4 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Grass Valley Police - National Night Out Event @ Memorial Park | Grass Valley | California | United States
The Grass Valley Police Department, in partnership with Nevada County Citizens for Safe Parks and the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, will join police departments around the country to participate in the 32nd annual[...]
5:30 pm First Tuesday Educational Forum
First Tuesday Educational Forum
Aug 4 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
First Tuesday Educational Forum @ Banner Grange | Grass Valley | California | United States
First Tuesday Educational Forum Presents: Amanda Wilcox Founder and President Nevada-Placer Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence   Amanda moved to Nevada County in 1977 following her graduation from Earlham College in Indiana. She had[...]
5:00 pm Vigil with Women (and Men) in Black
Vigil with Women (and Men) in Black
Aug 6 @ 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Vigil with Women (and Men) in Black @ Overpass | Nevada City | California | United States
Vigil with women (and men) in black (or, come as you are) for Palestinian justice with information (signs and handouts available).  This vigil occurs each Thursday.   On the first Thursday of the month at[...]
10:00 am League of Women Voters of Wester...
League of Women Voters of Wester...
Aug 8 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
ALL are welcome to attend our general meetings, 2nd Saturday of every month. We cover a variety of topics;  please see our calender for more information. http://www.lwvwnc.org/calendar.html
6:00 pm Volunteers for California Careforce
Volunteers for California Careforce
Aug 12 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Volunteers for California Careforce @ Briar Patch Community Room | Grass Valley | California | United States
You’ve probably been hearing about the free medical, dental and vision 2-day clinic being brought to Grass Valley by the non-profit California CareForce next November 14th and 15th . Registration is now open for volunteers[...]
5:00 pm Vigil with Women (and Men) in Black
Vigil with Women (and Men) in Black
Aug 13 @ 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Vigil with Women (and Men) in Black @ Grass Valley | California | United States
Vigil with women (and men) in black (or, come as you are) for Palestinian justice with information (signs and handouts available).  This vigil occurs each Thursday.  On first Thursday of the month at Broad Street[...]
11:00 am Healthcare for All-CA (Nevada Co...
Healthcare for All-CA (Nevada Co...
Aug 15 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Healthcare for All-CA (Nevada County chapter) @ BriarPatch Coop Community Room | Grass Valley | California | United States
Healthcare for All-Nevada County is  working to bring universal, single-payer healthcare to all Californians (Improved Medicare For All). All meetings open to the public, newcomers welcome.
12:00 pm Peace and Justice Center monthly...
Peace and Justice Center monthly...
Aug 18 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Peace and Justice Center monthly Board meeting @ Call for Location 530-615-7859
The Peace and Justice Center board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Noon. Call for location, 530-615-7859. Welcoming new potential Board members
1:00 pm Grandmothers For Peace of Nevada...
Grandmothers For Peace of Nevada...
Aug 18 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Grandmothers For Peace of Nevada County @ Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains | Grass Valley | California | United States
Mission:  To promote a world of peace for this, and future, generations.   We coordinate and sponsor projects that bring awareness to our community about peaceful ways of being in the world.  People don’t have[...]
1:30 pm Economic Liberty for Main Street...
Economic Liberty for Main Street...
Aug 19 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Economic Liberty for Main Street working group @ Tomes Bookstore/Sierra Mtn. Coffee Roasters | Grass Valley | California | United States
Economic Liberty For Main Street, the Nevada County chapter of the Public Banking Institute, meets the 3rd Wednesdays as a working group to implement a county charter and establish a public bank for Nevada County.[...]

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Nuclear deal with Iran is major step toward peace

Elissa KarimFrom: The Union Other Voices July 18, 2015

Elissa Karim

As a concerned student and Global Zero activist, I understand the immense threat of adding another country to the nuclear club, whether it be Iran or Indonesia or Canada.

As a young child who knew little of WMDs and political maneuvering, war and bombs seemed wasteful to me. In lives, in money, in effort.

Now a decade later, as a college student majoring in political science at Cornell College, our tactics make even less sense. Our leaders in Congress are willing to drop billions of taxpayer dollars to overhaul the world’s most destructive nuclear arsenal, but are unwilling to pursue diplomacy with a foreign nation. Now that we have reached final nuclear deal with Iran, the international community has demonstrated it has the desire to use peaceful dialogue to resolve challenging issues.

We cannot let Congress solely halt this exciting step for the international community towards nuclear disarmament, peace, and international safety because they prefer war over diplomacy.

We are being presented with a exciting opportunity, not only allowing us to advocate for worldwide nuclear disarmament, but to prove compromise and cooperation work in the face of relationships steeped in over 50 years of animosity and violence. The Iran deal passing through international community marks an historic moment for diplomacy to prevail. This deal has requirements that limit the feasibility of nuclear weapons refinement while allowing slow growth towards an energy program. The deal reached between the P5+1 and Iran on July 14 reduces Iranian facilities and gives the International Atomic Energy Agency the ability to regularly inspect the Iranian nuclear program.

The deal does two positive things: first, it requires effort towards maintaining a continued relationship as we collaborate with Iranian nuclear officials. Second, under the deal, the international community maintains the power to hold Iran accountable for its nuclear program. For those economically driven realists, the deal still allows the U.S. to snap sanctions back into place anytime, providing a safety net if Iran fails to follow through on their end of the deal.

However, the possibility that Congress will reject the deal leads us down a dire path. Constituents of the US are now recognizing the vital importance of the Iran deal, who consider both the United States’ welfare, as well as our global obligations to safety. However, Congress is operating through frightened and self-interested authority that must not be allowed to interfere with global negotiations. As nuclear weapons are globally all-encompassing, Congress neither deserves or has the right to speak for all of civilization.

Without the deal’s passage through Congress, we immediately fall back into the status quo confusion of sanctions and mistrust, which will only going to grow stronger if Congress rejects this deal. I cannot stress enough that remaining within the status quo is wrought with inevitable military involvement as the only other way to stop Iran from building a bomb. This deal is a major step toward peace, the safety of the global community, and towards total nuclear disarmament by 2030.

I urge Congress to not let another generation grow up thinking our country operates within unilateral, one-dimensional responses. I dare Congress to step outside their narrow purview for a second and consider the global stability the Iran deal provides to be in the United States’ best interest. The deal’s prohibition of Iranian weapons grade enrichment proves we are still on the path to zero nuclear weapons and that end goal is achievable. It’s time to be afraid of the results of entering another conflict, not of successful diplomatic discourse.

I challenge leaders and decision makers of today to move past dated attitudes that resort to military conflict to solve international crisis. I challenge this world to embrace this successful and historical deal with Iran, with that same patriotic zeal currently misplaced towards the risky continuation of the United States’ nuclear program and national criticism of the Iran deal.

Elissa Karim lives in Nevada City.

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BriarPatch Co-op to install Peace Pole Sept. 21

“May peace prevail on Earth.” That’s the simple message that has been shared all over the world on what are called “Peace Poles,” which have become the most recognized international peace symbol and monument the world over.  As a result of a project that began in 1986, more than 200,000 Peace Poles are now standing in almost every country throughout the world.

BriarPatch Co-op will join in spreading this hopeful message by installing a Peace Pole near the gazebo by the parking lot on Monday, September 21, the International Day of Peace. In partnership with the Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County, the Co-op will hold a dedication ceremony at 9:00 a.m. that morning. Everyone is invited to attend.

Day of Peace gathering sponsored by Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County

On the previous day, Sunday, September 20, the Peace and Justice Center will hold an event called “Give Peace a Song,” which will feature speakers, music, a sing-along, and free apple cobbler. The Peace and Justice Center invites all people of faith, conscience, and goodwill in the spirit of nonviolence to come and join in speaking out publicly for an end to war, poverty, and environmental destruction. The event will take place from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Nevada City Veterans’ Hall at 415 N. Pine Street. For more information visit www.ncpeace.org. To participate, contact Lorraine at 274-1077.

peace poleWhat is a Peace Pole?

Peace Poles are an internationally recognized symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, as they stand vigil as a silent prayer for peace on earth. Each Peace Pole bears the message May Peace Prevail on Earth written in different languages on each of its four or six sides. Tens of thousands of Peace Poles have been erected in nearly every country in the world, where they’ve been dedicated as monuments to peace.

Peace Poles have been presented to many international organizations and governments to promote a culture of peace around the world. Peace-lovers of all faiths have been involved in Peace Pole dedications, as well as city officials and members of diverse clubs.

There are Peace Poles on the Allenby Bridge between Israel and Jordan; at the War Museum in Vietnam; at Robben Island in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned; and at schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples across the U.S. and around the world.

Peace, not war with Iran

Iran Nuc Negotiators

Negotiators EU, Iran,UK and US [The Guardian]

After years of negotiations, together with our international partners we have achieved what decades of animosity has not.  We have a comprehensive, long-term deal that will verifiably prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  It has the full backing of the international community.

Without it, Iran’s nuclear program will be unconstrained and there will almost certainly be more war in the Middle East.  Check here to learn how the deal will work – The Deal .

Now that agreement has been reached, our Congress must decide whether it will support the deal or vote against it.  We have had a difficult history with Iran.  But it is possible to change.  Opposition in Congress will be considerable.    To approve this deal will demonstrate to allies and enemies that we are committed to multilateral diplomacy to resolve conflict and that we don’t rely only on our military.

GET INVOLVED!     Click Here     or use the menu above to send emails to your representatives in Congress!  Let them know it’s time for Congress to choose peace!  Our goal is 100 emails!  Check back to see how many have been sent.  Get your friends to help!

Volunteer at our Fair Booth

fairbooth builders

The Peace & Justice Center of Nevada County receives a 2014 Directors Award from the Nevada County Fair Board

Join the Fun!

How?  Become a Fair booth Volunteer!

Where?  At the Nevada County Fair

When?  Wed. Aug. 12 through Sun. Aug. 16

The Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County shares a fair booth with other Peacebuilding organizations

Our theme this year is “Our Children Need Peace to Thrive”

To take part contact: Lily Marie at ncpeace@sbcglobal.net or (530) 272-4595

If you are unable to volunteer, please consider making a donation to help pay for the booth space and promotional materials!

Use our Pay Pal account on our website

– or –

send a tax-deductible check payable to P.E.A.C.E. and mail to

Attn: Lily Marie, Fair booth Coordinator

Peace & Justice Center of Nevada County

2036 Nevada City Hwy.,  PMB 605

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Contact Your Representative

US Capital, Washington, D.C.

  • Make sure that you are registered to vote.  Many offices discard communication from non-voters.
  • Find the information you need and check the representative’s web site.
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  • Be very clear about the action you need and what the personal or local impact will be.
  • Use the menu above GET INVOLVED or click here for information by phone,  email or letter.
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