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The Peace Alliance is a national organization that works to promote peacebuilding –  to establish a culture of peace within the US and internationally.  We are a grassroots educational and advocacy organization focused on transforming how individuals, communities, and nations respond to conflict and violence.  The prevention and intervention solutions we promote have proven effective and cost-effective in saving lives, while enhancing cooperation and improving the overall quality of life.

We champion evidence-based peacebuilding legislation and policies by encouraging policy-makers, media and the public to support the following conflict and violence prevention and reduction approaches:

  • Empower Community Peacebuilding
  • Teach Peace in Schools
  • Humanize the Justice System
  • Cultivate Personal Peace
  • Foster International Peace

We strive to be the movement and take steps for peace.  Locally, our main interest is to establish a United States Department of Peacebuilding.

The US Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2015 is HR 1111, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13).  It is a  comprehensive approach to prevent and reduce violence, while applying peacebuilding polices and programs that will establish collaborative and sustainable ways to coexist.  HR1111 addresses the need for “New or Best Practices” innovative government, environmental and economic structures that empowers individuals, supports the development of functional families, builds cooperation in communities and works to protect the environment, while creating a sustainable economy.  To learn more, visit this page from the Peace Alliance web site  Peace Alliance Dept Peacebuilding.  To read this bill and check its progress, visit this US Congress Peace Alliance web page.

Another bill promoted by the Peace Alliance and the Student Peace Alliance is the Youth Promise Act – HR 2197, sponsored by Rep. Bobby Scott.  This addresses the problem of youth dropping out of school and ending up in prison.  To learn more, visit this page Peace Alliance Youth Promise Act .  To read and check its progress, visit  US Congress Youth Promise Act.

Join the campaign!  Contact your Congresspersons and urge them to support HR111 and HR2197.  Here is a sample letter or email:

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

Dear Representative La Malfa,

Please co-sponsor H.R.1111, the U.S. Department of Peacebuilding legislation introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13).   Endorsed by the California State Democratic Party, the bill calls for collaboration in the public and private sectors to research and address the root causes of violence by promoting and sustaining cost effective and proven peacebuilding programs and policies, such as:

  • Nonviolent conflict resolution in schools so that students and staff are free from bullying and harassment by implementing curricula in nonviolent conflict resolution education for teachers, students, parents, and the local community
  • Supportive family services, such as mental health treatment, parenting classes, domestic violence prevention, gang prevention, substance abuse prevention
  • Restorative justice programs in the criminal justice system to bring together offenders, victims, and community members to repair harm through accountability and rehabilitation
  • International conflict resolution efforts that bring all stakeholders together to engage in nonviolent problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Promotion of a peace time economy that encourages the conservation and sustainability of natural resources to prevent future conflicts regarding scarce resources

It is past time to create a department in our government that focuses on peacebuilding.    Please help move our nation in the direction of making peace.  Make peacebuilding a national priority by co-sponsoring HR 1111, a bi-partisan issue.  We must work for peace and justice for the future of our children.

Let me know about your plans on this matter.

Thank you,

[your name and address]