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Schedule of FREE Workshops for Activists


9:30 – 11:00am Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History

Join Camilla Fox, Project Coyote Founder and Executive Director
and best-selling author, and Project Coyote Ambassador Dan Flores, for a discussion focused on the human relationship to one of North America’s most controversial native wild icons, the Coyote—a species both revered and maligned by different cultures, and one that has withstood centuries of intense and targeted persecution.

11:30am – 12:30pm Grazing, Soil Health, & Climate Change

Carbon Nation director Peter Byck has spent the last 4 years lming innovative ranchers focused on regenerating their soils rst, growing grass second, and producing healthy food third. Could these ranchers be storing enough CO2 in their soils to help slow climate change? Byck has helped form a team of scientists to nd out how grazing can regenerate soils, drawdown CO2, increase biodiversity, improve animal well-being and help ranchers make a good living. Join Byck for a luncheon of short lms and conversation about his team’s research & what scientists can learn from leading ranchers.

1:00 – 2:00pm Wild & Scenic Rivers Act featuring Oregon’s 58

Zach Collier and the guides from Northwest Rafting Company are celebrating the 50th anniversary
of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by exploring all 58 of Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Rivers. Since the beginning of 2017 they have visited 29 of them and Zach will share photos and videos from each one. This workshop will also discuss the nuts and bolts of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

2:30 – 3:30pm Diversity & the Environmental Movement

For far too long people of color have been fighting for the environment with very little mention of their contributions. The time has come to change that, but we need meaningful partnerships with outdoor retailers and major companies to be more inclusive of the narrative. Join Teresa Baker, Founder at African American Nature and Parks Experience, Scott Briscoe, Patagonia Environmental Grants Coordinator and Glenn Nelson, Founder of The Trail Posse, to discuss how to bring people of color into the discussion and work around the environment and how corporations can help by including faces of color in their marketing campaigns, on their boards and in decision making roles within their companies.

4:00 – 5:00pm And Beauty for All

The lm Redefining Prosperity in this year’s festival shows how the fight to save the beautiful Yuba River helped unite the Nevada City community. Can it unite a polarized country? Doug Tompkins, founder of North Face and Esprit, once said that “If anything can save the world, I’d put my money on beauty.” The And Beauty for All campaign seeks to bring Americans together to create, protect and preserve beautiful places to live, work and play, by restoring our environment and revitalizing our communities. Join lm producer John de Graaf and Nevada City councilmember Reinette Senum to learn about the campaign, what you can do in your community and why many communities and campuses will be celebrating And Beauty for All Day on October 2, 2018.



9:30 -11:00am The Future of Agriculture in our Community

We are entering a new era of water. Climate change, population growth, ground water depletion and other impacts necessitate that we rethink how we use and manage water. Agriculture accounts for about 80% of water use in our region. What is the future of water use and access for farmers and ranchers in the foothills? What are our vulnerabilities and what are the opportunities? At this workshop you will learn from experts in the field of water and agriculture about best practices for agriculturalists and water agencies.

11:30am -12:30pm Wild & Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy

Tim Palmer will present a slide show based on his new book, Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy, presenting an illuminating portrait of America’s premier river protection program. He will reveal the history and consider the future of the Wild and Scenic system as he showcases spectacular photos from California and nationwide. Plenty of time will be allotted to discussion of this vital initiative and the challenges ahead. Tim is the author and photographer of 25 books about rivers and adventure travel. As a writer, citizen conservationist, and environmental planner he has been involved in the Wild and Scenic Rivers system since its founding. See

1:00 – 2:00pm Lessons from Oroville Dam: From Reconstruction to Reconciliation

Spillway failures at Oroville Dam in February 2017 caused the largest mandatory evacuation in U.S. history, compelled interest in the maintenance and management of water infrastructure, and raised questions regarding the risks and benefits of large dams in a time of extreme climate. This workshop will feature a panel of experts from four environmental organizations who will dissect the Oroville incident and “point positive” with a list of recommendations for improved infrastructure, updated reservoir management, multi-bene ts oodplain and river projects for a healthy local community.

2:30 – 3:30pm Making Progress in the Current Political Climate:

Effective, Non-partisan, Grassroots Advocacy

Local, statewide and national legislation is often the key to successful social change and environmental protection. In this workshop we will focus on how a solutions-oriented, consistently respectful, and non-partisan approach can create a broad, sustainable foundation for legislative action across all geographic regions and political inclinations. By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering citizen lobbyists, we can make significant progress toward the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable environmental policies and climate solutions. Join Elyce Klein, Jennifer Wood, and Jerry Hinkle all with Citizens Climate Lobby. Citizens Climate Lobby has used a methodology based on respect, appreciation, and gratitude to successfully help establish the House Climate Solutions Caucus where Republicans and Democrats are now working together to craft bipartisan climate legislation. Learn how you can use these same principles to harness grassroots efforts for change.

4:00 – 5:00pm 100% Renewable Energy in the Sierra Nevada

Did you know that the cities of the Sierra Nevada are working to transition to 100% renewable energy? Join Jenny Hatch, Executive Director of the Sierra Nevada Alliance; Nick Exline with South Lake Tahoe 100% Renewables Committee; and Don Rivenes with the Nevada City 100% Renewables Committee to learn about these monumental transitions slated to be implemented across the region by 2050.