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Move To Amend - Nevada County

Move To Amend

Nevada County Move to Amend is dedicated to the passage of the “We the People Amendment” to the US Constitution.  The Amendment changes two things:

  1. Only natural persons have rights under the US Constitution and under any state constitution.  Corporations can be granted privileges but they do not have the constitutional rights that actual people have.
  2. Money is property, not speech and it can be regulated as to affecting elections.

Nevada County Move to Amend meets once a month and is open to all.  Our web site is:    It is affiliated with the national group “Move to Amend”.  The national web site is:   We believe that this amendment addresses the two fundemental problems that are limiting our democracy:  undue corporate power and undue electoral influence of the extremely wealthy.

This Amendment will not solve any of the nations current or future problems.  It will make it possible for us, the people, to solve them.  It will make it possible for us to have elected officials that actually listen to us rather than the “Big Donors”.

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