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Together, We Can Stop the Theft of this Election

We stood up on the streets by the hundreds in solidarity with black lives.  Now we will fight, from home, to save the endangered votes of people of color and students from a vicious voter suppression scam.

How to stop the planned fix on the 2020 Election before it happens:

1-Buy and read Greg Palast’s new book, How Trump Stole 2020 online at  Palast is the country’s leading journalist exposing election cheating.  17 million voters of color have already been purged from registration rolls and will not be able to cast their votes.  Millions more will not receive a requested vote-by-mail ballot, or have it disqualified.  Voters of color and students will be forced to wait in line for many hours during the pandemic, while suburban voters vote in ten minutes.  Like the presidential elections of 2000, 2004 and 2016, this one will be stolen as well, along with critical down-ballot races.  The polls are wrong because they do not take these factors into account.  While you are on, make a tax-deductible contribution to help them support lawsuits against voter suppression in many states.  Urge friends to buy the book, and give it as a gift.  We are trying to make it a bestseller so the mainstream media can’t ignore it. 

2-Visit the Peace and Justice Center of Nevada City website,, to see the options for volunteering to re-register disenfranchised purged voters, and register new voters, especially in “swing states”.  You can write postcards and letters to these voters, or text or call them.  Here are three great organizations that are coordinating for us to do this work.  Choose one and start saving democracy: 

-Reclaim Our Vote (non-partisan)

-Vote Forward/Swing Left (non-partisan)  There is a local Nevada County campaign organized out of the Unitarian fellowship in Grass Valley that meets Thursdays at 4 on line.  To join, email Reine Thibeault at

-Stand Up America (partisan)

Jeffrey Gottesman