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Justice for Amaud and Bre

Audrey Schwartz, PJCNC board member, requests that we support justice for Amaud and Bre.

Here are action steps that can be taken in order to seek some sort of justice for Ahmaud Arbery and Brianna Taylor.

Two of the men responsible for Ahmaud Arbery’s murderer were finally arrested, thankfully. The third suspect; William Bryan,  who filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, and actively participated in the murder when he boxed Ahmaud in so he couldn’t get away, has not been arrested.
Please call (770) 800-0689 to demand that William Bryan be arrested and charged for his active participation in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, as well as demand the resignation of D.A. Jackie Johnson who interfered with the case when she told police not to arrest the murderers the day of the crime.

Please go to to seek #justiceforahmaud .

Brianna Taylor was killed in her home when police mistakenly raided it to serve a warrant for someone else. Police had the wrong home and the person they were serving a warrant to was already arrested!
Police fired a barrage of bullets from outside Brianna Taylor’s home, through a window with closed curtains! The bullets went through three different apartments!

Please call (502) 735-1784 to demand that the three officers who killed Brianna Taylor be fired immediately, arrested, and charged for their reckless actions that killed Brianna Taylor and demand an investigation be opened into the Louisville Police Department for their gross mishandling of the case.

Please sign the petition at for justice for Brianna Taylor.

Thank you.