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Support Peace Budget Action at Grass Valley City Hall

February 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Grass Valley City Hall
Paula Orloff


Hi Local Peace Budget Non Profit Endorsers and Supporters,
We will return to the Grass Valley City Council to request the Local Peace Budget Resolution be put on their subsequent agenda.  If the GV City Council endorses the resolution it means they will send the request to Congress  that some of our military billions in taxes  be redirected to human and environmental needs.  Our warfare funding and operations are mostly ignored or avoided in media and by politicians. We wanted to talk about the Peace Budget before the primaries in hopes voters and candidates  would consider our warfare spending and alternatives.
The Resolution was passed by Nevada City in 2018, by several cities in 2017 and all 253 of the bipartisan Conference of Mayors of large cities in 2017.  Over a dozen Nevada County non profits  have  endorsed or expressed an interest in asking our local city councils to support the Resolution.  Your non profit was one of them.
MLK’s quote continues to be relevant:  “A nation that year after year spends more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Over 50of our discretionary taxes go to the military!  That’s 730 BILLION this year. See also Eisenhower’s moving statement in the attachment  of the trade-off between military spending and human needs. Gut wrenching. The text of the full Peace Budget Resolution by David Swanson of World Beyond War is also in the attachment as well as additional  cited supporting information. 
Please come to the GV City Council Tues. the 11th @ 7 if you wish to listen or speak at Public Comment (3min. or less) to ask the Mayor, City Council and City Manager to put the Local Peace Budget Resolution on the agenda. It can help if you give the name of the organization that you represent.  If you can come at 6:30 to the lobby, we will have the Grow Peace flowers with their messages that you can bring into the meeting to show and read. We’ll also have other handouts and references available.

 The Council has not been receptive so far, but the more who attend and speak up, the more they may pay attention.
Thanks for listening.
See you there?
PS. There’s still time to pass this info on to your groups and friends.Emoji
Paula Orloff 530 272 7019
Marin Lipowitz
Shirley Osgood
Pamela Osgood
Anita Wald-Tuttle
Lila Marie Mora