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5 Session Community Book Study

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April 6, 2015 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Nevada City United Methodist Church
433 Broad Street
Nevada City, CA 95959
Nevada County Climate Change Coalition/Sharon Delgado

Community Book Study on

This Changes Everything:  Capitalism vs. The Climate  by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein book

 April 6- (pages 1-94) Introduction and Part One:  Bad Timing (first two chapters of Part One)

    Introduction:  One Way or Another, Everything Changes

    Chapter 1. The Right is Right:  The Revolutionary Power of Climate Change

    Chapter 2.  Hot Money:  How Free Market Fundamentalism Helped Overheat the Planet

April 13- (pages 96-187)   Part One:  Bad Timing (last three chapters of Part 1)

    Chapter 3. Public and Paid For:  Overcoming the Ideological Blocks to the Next Economy

    Chapter 4. Planning and Banning:  Slapping the Invisible Hand, Building a Movement

    Chapter 5. Beyond Extractivism:  Confronting the Climate Denier Within

May 4- (pages 189-290)  Part Two:  Magical Thinking

    Chapter 6. Fruits, Not Roots:  The Disastrous Merger of Big Business and Big Green

    Chapter 7. No Messiahs:  The Green Billionaires Won’t Save Us

    Chapter 8. Dimming the Sun:  The Solution to Pollution is…Pollution?

May 18– (pages 291-387) Part Three:  Starting Anyway (first three chapters of Part Three)

    Chapter 9. Blockadia:  The New Climate Warriors

    Chapter 10. Love Will Save This Place:  Democracy, Divestment, and the Wins So Far

    Chapter 11. You and What Army?  Indigenous Rights and the Power of Keeping Our Word

  June 1- (Pages 388-466)  Part Three:  Starting Anyway (last two chapters); Conclusion

    Chapter 12. Sharing the Sky:  The Atmospheric Commons and the Power of Paying Our Debts

    Chapter 13. The Right to Regenerate:  Moving from Extraction to Renewal

    Conclusion:  The Leap Years:  Just Enough Time for Impossible

Although the book study won’t start until April, you might try to get your copy of the book now, since This Changes Everything is on back order at the publisher.  We encourage you to order through our local book dealers:  The Book Seller (272-2131) or Harmony Books (265-9564).

(Harmony Books gives 10% off for book club books) 

 Once you have the book, start reading!  If you take your time it will be easier to assimilate the book’s complex ideas, and we start with a bang.   The first two sessions are just one week apart, with approximately 100 pages assigned for each session.   We’ll begin each session with a presentation on the chapters we have read, followed by sharing in small groups, then joining together for a final group discussion and close.

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