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Progressive Alliance March 2021 alerts and info.
Dear Progressive Allies, the first two items are very timely. If you wish to take action on them, you must do so tomorrow, Tues. March 9th. Please read my note to you at the very end.
Action Alert: Tuesday, March 9th, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors will entertain a resolution supporting reopening Nevada County Please send an email to the Board tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, Tuesday the 9th. Ask the board to listen to the experts, ignore outside political pressure, and continue prioritizing public health. We all want our economy to thrive, and the best way to do that is to ensure that we defeat Covid as swiftly and efficiently as possible. To be clear, the letters should be FOR public health and AGAINST this Resolution. Send to: CC:  Re: “Healthy Communities” Resolution
Action Alert: The CA Peace Budget request didn’t get on the agenda for tomorrow’s Grass Valley City Council meeting, Tues March 9 @ 7pm, but it could  help to call in and request it be put on the “next” council agenda.Here’s the contact info for Public Comments:email before 5pm Tuesday March 9th . Phone:  530 274 4390  before 7pm Tues, March 9.
Other important events:
Tues. March 16th 3pm-5pm Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County Despite our new president and administration, the same policies of drone warfare and global domination continue, as evidenced by 800 US military bases worldwide. For over 10 years, we have been peacefully protesting at Beale AFB to shine a light on the need to settle our differences without waging war. Bring signs and banners, or help hold others.Please wear a mask and practice social distancing. Ostrom & South Beale Road, Wheatland, 
For years now, the Nevada County Democratic Women’s Club has been raising funds for the Annette Gillette Scholarship and the Community Service Award, giving $1,000 award to each of two local high school students. Unfortunately, this year they have not been able to fundraise in their usual way at in-person meetings, so they are asking for donations of any amount. You can send a check to: NCDWC   P.O.Box 1573   Grass Valley, CA 95945
Public Bank Advocates Join SEIU CA in Supporting Legislation to Bank the UnbankedAB 1177—the California Public Banking Option Act—will provide Californians with a no-cost banking option. This bill creates the BankCal program, allowing Californians to open a no-fee, no-penalty account with an associated debit card.  AB 1177 reduces the risks of Californians falling into catastrophic debt traps. This will help reduce the racial wealth gap by providing a stable, affordable financial platform that eliminates the need for exploitative alternatives to traditional banking.  Learn more at
Single Payer healthcare/medicare for all. We have a new Single Payer healthcare bill in the CA Assembly (hooray). It’s AB 1400 and called CalCare. It is an excellent bill, with comprehensive coverage, specifies investment in underserved communities like our rural community, and requires that the board equitably represents the diversity of California. It also has a just transition for workers in the for-profit healthcare industry. It will cover everyone, and still save money by eliminating the waste created in a multi-payer, for profit industry. There are so many ways you can help us get this bill passed. To learn more go to  or to connect locally email me at
And last, but definitely not least. I owe each and every one of you an apology. I attended the CA Progressive Alliance Convention last Saturday. It was so wonderful and I was so sad that I had not publicized this more to our Nevada County Progressive Alliance. The broad array of subjects and knowledgable people, was inspiring. I promise, I won’t make that mistake next year. 
Leah Schwinn