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International Day of Peace

September 21, 2016 all-day
UNIFY, Uplift, BeThePeace and the Great Silence

All of us want peace – in our families, communities, and world. Yet that isn’t always our everyday life experience or what is portrayed by the mainstream media.

There is a gap for most of us between the peace we desire and are passionately devoted to, and the realities we see, hear of, and experience. We can change this, together.

If you are reading this you may be on a path of awakening, perhaps exploring meditation, and in this moment can feel at least a glimmer of hope that World Peace is possible.

And that Inner Peace contributes to realizing this vision, or may even be the fastest road.

Have you ever had that experience of someone entering a room and by their mood alone they changed the “vibe” of the entire room? We are all connected to each other and science has demonstrated that we are drawing from and feeding into a Unified Field of Consciousness.

  • Could it be that humans are non-verbally communicating to
    each other like a school of fish or a flock of birds?
  • If this is true, what is the possible effect of a group of millions
    of people cultivating inner peace for one hour?
  • Will you join us to Be The Peace we know is possible in this world
    amplifying it into our local and global communities?

International Day of Peace

We invite you to:

  • Peace Wave – Join the Minute of Silence, Moment of Peace at 12 noon.  For over 30 years Pathways to Peace, the Culture of Peace Initiative and the United Nations have been honoring this Peace Wave around the globe.
  • Global Cease-Fire – The United Nations invites us to honor the tradition of a 24-hour cease-fire and day of nonviolence.  How can you practice nonviolence towards all?