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5:57 am Film: Long Distance Revolutionary
Film: Long Distance Revolutionary
Dec 27 @ 5:57 am – 6:57 am
Film: Long Distance Revolutionary
12-27 Film: Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary “Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary” is an inspiring portrait of a man whom many consider America’s most famous political prisoner – a man whose existence tests our beliefs about freedom[...]

Reasons to Join the Global Climate Strike on 9/20/19

As an active community member and a new grandmother, I am gravely concerned about the climate crisis.  The earth’s ice caps are melting, species are going extinct daily, and whole communities of people are dying as a result of the climate chaos that is sweeping our nation and our world.  The forests around my home are drier than ever — will they be the next to burn?  From the increase in wildfires that have scorched our beloved Sierras to the decline in essential pollinator populations, will there ever be a Climate Crisis warning sign that will truly wake us up?

In the face of the threat of human extinction in the foreseeable future, we must not allow ourselves to become paralyzed.  No one is coming to save us — we must organize and save ourselves.  We need to show those in power that we are not willing to settle for empty promises, nice words, and vague goals.  We need climate action now.  This is why I will strike.  Please join your neighbors and me in the Global Climate Strike on September 20th in solidarity with youth, organized labor, faith groups, and indigenous and frontline communities.  Now is the time to act: our children’s children are depending on it!

Janie Kesselman,

Camptonville, CA